Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cogstation?


Cogstation currently offers many options, from guided bike tours to hourly and daily bike rentals. Our guided bike tours and bike rentals are now available in two locations in Kaike Onsen Hot Spring and Mt. Daisen National Park in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

The Cogstation gives you the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable cycling experience through the countryside, seas and mountains by introducing you to fascinating nature, culture and history of the area.  We offer cycling enthusiasts the memorable cycling and travel experience.
The idea for an efficient bicycle tour and rental operation at Cogstation was to offer visitors a place to share the experience and passion for cycling with others. Whether you are an enthusiastic cyclist or the person who simply loves to ride a bicycle for recreational purposes, all of the staff here at the Cogstation want you to enjoy a different view of the world when you see it from the seat of a bicycle. The name Cog (referred to as a rear sprocket) is derived from a Japanese word "Cog" meaning "pedal" (a bicycle).

More about the Area

The top of Mt. Daisen is at an elevation of 5,607 feet above sea level.  Summer activities abound in Mt. Daisen National Park throughout the summer season, from breathtaking trekking adventures to mountain climbing through beautiful forests. Skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities during the winter season.  Throughout the various seasons, Mt Daisen National Park is the perfect place to visit when you want to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. The Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) survey ranked it the third most beautiful mountain in Japan, with Mt. Fuji first and Mt. Yarigatake second.
Kaike Hot Spring (Kaike Onsen) is quite unique in the sense that the source of hot spring is derived from the sea. The existence of a natural salt water hot spring (Salt bath) is a unique feature of Kaike Onsen. Visitors can enjoy both hot spring and swimming at the beach with the view of Mt. Daisen.
Kaike Hot Spring resort is in the most convenient location with close proximity to Yonago Kitaro Airport, DBS Cruise Ferry terminal and to many of the local tourist attractions. The Yonago Kitaro Airport offers several regular flights to/from Tokyo and Incheon International Airport, South Korea. The DBS Cruise Ferry service connects Sakaininato (best known for the cartoon series Ge-Ge-Ge no Kitaro by Shigeru Mizuki) in Tottori Prefecture to Vladivostok in Russia and Donghae in South Korea.

2. This is my first bike tour, how difficult is the bike tour?

Our bike tours are available for anyone who can ride a bike and all levels of experience - beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  However, some of our tours involve longer distance cycling. You can select a bike tour depending on your level of fitness, cycling experience. Please refer to our tour grading and description page of the tour you are interested in to find out most suitable bike tour for you. 

3. What level of riding fitness is required for the bike tours?

The tours are suitable for all levels of fitness. We want you to ride at your comfortable pace. Throughout the tour, your guide will lead you at a leisurely pace, and stop at points of interest and explain the sights and tell you interesting stories about it. There are plenty of opportunities all along the tour to stop to see the sights and enjoy the views and rest and take photos. 

4. Can I bring my own bike on the tour?

Yes, but please keep in mind the cost is the same and there is no discount for the total price of your tour if you bring your own bike. All tours include bike and helmet rental, and we provide you with the right bike for your tour.

5. What sort of bikes do you have?

Please visit the Bike Rentals page for details.

6. What if the bike gets stolen while I have it?

You will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the bicycle - even in the case of the bike that was securely locked at the time it was stolen. You are responsible for the replacement cost of the bike and related rental equipment. 

7. What about insurance?

At Cog Station KAIKE, all the bikes are registered under Traffic Safety (TS) mark, which includes accident insurance and liability insurance. Further information regarding the insurance is available below.
Section of cover Maximum Benefit
Hospital benefit (in excess of 15 days) 10,000 yen
Personal accident
EDeath/Permanent Total Disability benefit (Level 1-4)
300,000 yen
Personal liability
EDeath/Permanent Total Disability benefit (Level 1-7)
up to 10,000,000 yen
* All benefits and coverage are in Japanese yen amounts.
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